Frequently Asked Questions


The Comfort Gift instructional videos

Here you can find information about our products, with which we try to answer most questions. We also have a video about the use and operation of a The Comfort Gift heating pad.

You can find them on our YouTube channel. click here.

Quick start The Comfort Gift

How do I prepare my Classic or Elegance cushion for use?

To connect your pillow, watch the video on our You Tube channel. click here.

Or follow these steps:
1. Open the box, remove the packaging material, check that you have all the parts and that the cables and power bank are not damaged.
2.  Place the inner cushion in the inner cover.
3.  Connect the power bank to the power bank cable.
4. Place the power bank in the power bank bag made for this purpose.
5. Place the inner cushion with the inner cover in the outer cover, making sure the label is in the right place.
6. Connect the USB-C charger to The Comfort Gift product label, connect the USB-A cable to the charger and plug it into the wall socket. 
7. Turn on your The Comfort Gift and enjoy the warmth!

How do I charge my The Comfort Gift?

1. Connect the USB-C charging cable to the back of the The Comfort Gift Smartlabel.
2. Then connect the USB-A charging cable to the charger.
3. Then plug the charger into the socket.

When the power bank is charging, you will see the indicator light on The Comfort Gift product label flashing. Once the indicator light on The Comfort Gift product label stops flashing and lights up constantly, the power bank is fully charged. You can simply use The Comfort Gift while charging; loading will take a little longer.

Can I charge and use my The Comfort Gift at the same time?

Yes, you can use The Comfort Gift while charging. It will take a little longer before it is fully charged.

How long does it take to fully charge my power bank?

When the power bank is empty, it takes approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge your The Comfort Gift. (Provided you use The Comfort Gift charger)

How long can I use my The Comfort Gift without leaving it on?

TheComfortGift® products have three heating profiles, which can be identified by the colour of our control button. Depending on which heating profile you choose, our products can keep you warm for up to 21 hours.

High (Red), ±38 - 42°C, 11 hours*
Middle (Yellow), ±35 - 39°C, 15 hours*
Low (Green), ±28 - 32°C, 18 hours*

*The actual temperature may differ depending on the ambient temperature.

Where can I find the manual?

User manuals can be found on the respective product pages. You can find all our products here:

Technology and safety

What kind of technology does The Comfort Gift use?

The Comfort Gift works with infrared heat. 

This means that the body is heated from the inside by this type of heat radiation. You cannot see this radiation, but it can be felt because it generates heat. The infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin and it feels like you are lying in the sun on a warm summer day. This radiation is completely safe. The Comfort Gift is even safer than a normal electric blanket, because the pillows of The Comfort Gift are built-in with a timer and thermostat and will therefore never get too hot. With The Comfort Gift cushions you bring the sun into your home, even on a rainy day.

Additional positive effects

The fact that you feel nice and warm is just one effect of the infrared radiation. It has been proven that infrared light stimulates blood circulation, counteracts joint stiffness, reduces pain, reduces inflammation and even improves the skin.

Is The Comfort Gift safe to use?

Yes, all our products are safe to use.

It is important that you can use all our products safely, which is why all our products are equipped with overheating protection. When the temperature of The Comfort Gift becomes too high, the thermostat switches off the pillow, this prevents excessive temperatures.

The Comfort Gift automatically turns off the product after 8 hours of use.

All our products have been tested and are safe to use, but we do not recommend the use of our products for women during pregnancy and for people with a pacemaker.

It is important that you are aware of your own sense of warmth. If you are insensitive to heat, this product should not be used. The product is also not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they have been instructed in its use by a person responsible for their safety. 

Children under the age of eight may only use this product under supervision and only at the minimum temperature. Please note that (young) children cannot react to overheating. Therefore their guardian is responsible for safe use. 

Product Range

What different products are there and how do I make the right choice?

The Comfort Gift cushions are perfect for lower back support, the different sizes ensure that you can always find a cushion that suits you and they fit into any interior.

This is due to our beautiful collection of covers so that you can always find one that fits perfectly in your interior.

What covers are there?

Style and taste is of course something very personal and that is why we offer a wide range of covers for The Comfort Gift, so you can always find one that suits you!

We use different fabrics in different colors so that you always find something that suits your home.

The following fabrics are currently available:

Knitted; a beautifully knitted cover. Classic and Romantic.

Woven; a woven cover. Cool and Stylish.

Soft; a soft cover. Comfortable and Cozy. 

We continue to develop constantly and regularly add to our range, you will soon see more products here.

To clean

How do I clean my The Comfort Gift?

To clean your The Comfort Gift, remove the cover from the pillow. You can wash the cover as described on the washing label. These instructions may differ depending on which cover your The Comfort Gift has.

What we generally recommend is to wash the cover at a low temperature and not to tumble dry or iron it. For more specific washing instructions, see the manual.

You should never clean the inner cushion and other electrical parts with water.

Fix the problem

My new The Comfort Gift does not work, what should I do?

The Comfort Gift is probably (still) in 'Sleep mode'. You can easily start this up by following the following steps:

1.Disconnect the power bank
2.Connect the charger to the label, the charging light should now turn on.
3.Now connect the power bank again, without disconnecting the charger.

The Comfort Gift is not charging, what should I do?

If you do not charge The Comfort Gift or do not charge it properly, we recommend performing a 'hard reset'.

1.Disconnect the power bank
2.Connect the charger to the label, the charging light should now turn on.
3.Now connect the power bank again, without the disconnecting the charger

Does this not solve the problem? Please contact us.

Charging my The Comfort Gift takes a very long time, why is this?

Charging The Comfort Gift takes approximately 5-6 hours. There are several factors that can influence the loading time.

1. The ambient temperature is high during charging (for example, The Comfort Gift is located near the heater).
2. Another reason for longer charging may be that you are using a different charger than the one you received from The Comfort Gift. Our USB chargers have a capacity of 3A - while other chargers only have a capacity of 1A.
3. You are using the pillow while charging. This ensures that it takes longer for the product to fully load.

The power bank of The Comfort Gift is empty quickly, why is this?

Below you will see a table in which we have indicated how long The Comfort Gift should work at which setting. If your The Comfort Gift expires faster than indicated, we ask you to contact us.

Level 1 LED Green 28/32 °C 21 hours*
Level 2 LED Yellow 35/39 °C 15 hours*
Level 3 LED Red 38/42 °C 11 hours*

*The actual heating time, charging time and temperature may differ depending on which The Comfort Gift product you have, the temperature of the environment, the heat level and the power bank you use.

My The Comfort Gift does not heat up, what can I do about this?

Do you have the feeling that The Comfort Gift does not get warm enough? Try the below:

Check which setting you have the pillow on and whether the temperature corresponds to the normal temperatures for your The Comfort Gift, these are our heat levels:

Level 1 LED Green 28/32 °C 21 hours*
Level 2 LED Yellow 35/39 °C 15 hours*
Level 3 LED Red 38/42 °C 11 hours*

*The actual heating time, charging time and temperature may differ depending on which The Comfort Gift product you have, the temperature of the environment, the heat level and the power bank you use.

The heat output may be difficult to determine, but what you can do is let The Comfort Gift warm up for 5 minutes and then place your hand directly on the side with the heating element for 30 seconds. Then you will feel better what heat it gives off.

Is there anything else I can check to see why it isn't getting warm?

Yes, we ask you to check the following things.

- Is the power bank connected correctly?

You can check this by removing the outer cover and checking whether the USB-A cable is correctly connected to the power bank.

- Is the power bank full?

You can check this by removing the power bank from the cushion and looking at the level of the lights. When all 4 are lit, the power bank is full.

See image

- Is the charger working and connected correctly?

You can check this by connecting the charger to your The Comfort Gift. If a light starts flashing, your charger is working.

If it still doesn't work, you can reset the pillow.

a. You do this by pressing the on/off button for 10 seconds until the light goes out. 
b. Then fully charge The Comfort Gift, make sure that charging is not interrupted until it is fully charged. (This can take up to 5-6 hours.)
c. Once fully charged, The Comfort Gift will be reset.

The LED on my The Comfort Gift on the product label does not work, why is this?

If the LED on your The Comfort Gift does not work, this could be due to various things. Below are some tips to get it working again:

1. Disconnect and reconnect the power bank. Press the USB-A plug firmly.
2. Charge your power bank.

If this does not solve the problem, please contact our customer service. We would like to hear from you the details of the problem and what you have done to solve it.

To order

How do I order a The Comfort Gift?

When you are in the webshop:

1. Click on shop now  image
2. Select your preferred product, color and quantity
3. Click add to cart.
4. The product is added to your shopping cart.
5. Check your shopping cart and click on “checkout”
6. Enter your details
7. Choose your desired payment method
8. Select the billing address
9. Click on “Pay now” and you will be redirected to the chosen payment method
10. Follow the instructions for your payment method and you will be returned to The Comfort Gift
11. Congratulations, you have ordered The Comfort Gift!
12. A confirmation email will be sent to your entered email address
13. We will work as quickly as possible to deliver your The Comfort Gift.
14. Enjoy your The Comfort Gift!

Please note: your order will not be delivered if you have not yet paid.

What payment methods are there?

iDEAL, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Unipay, Amercian Express, Maestro, ShopPay and Gpay.

Can I still change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change or cancel an order once it has been confirmed. For information about returns, click here.

What is included in my order?

Your The Comfort Gift® package contains the following:

- An inner cushion
- An inner cover
- An outer cover
- A charger 5.5 V 3 A< br/>- A free power bank 20,000 mAh
- Type C cable (USB-A to USB-C) 1.5 m
- Manual

This is all you need you have to use the pillow.

I am unable to pay for my order. What should I do?

- Place the order via a laptop and not via a telephone

Has your order not been successful yet? Then place the order again. An order is only final when payment has been made.

What are the shipping costs?

You can view the shipping costs on the next page.

Click here to view the shipping costs.

The product I want to buy is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

The product you are interested in is out of stock. You can then register for an email alert on the product page, so that you receive an email when the product is back in stock. To do this, click on "send me an email when available". This way you don't have to miss your favorite product again!

Here at The Comfort Gift® we try to communicate as openly as possible, with each other, but also with you. When we know, you know. Simply put, if there is no precise indication when a product will be back in stock, we cannot say when this will be. Our stock availability depends on many different factors and parties and sometimes it is difficult to say how these influence each other.

Returns & Warranty

What is the return period?

We think it is important that you can try The Comfort Gift® at home, so you can experience the warmth in your own environment.

You can return the product within 30 days of receipt. Please note that the costs for returning are at your own expense.

It is important that the product is properly packaged during return shipment and if the product shows more signs of use or damage than is necessary to try out the product, we can pass on this depreciation of the product to you.

How do I return my The Comfort Gift?

You can return your The Comfort Gift here:

- For orders starting with NL: Return Portaal The Comfort Gift
- For orders starting with BE: Return Portaal The Comfort Gift

Who pays the return costs?

When you return your The Comfort Gift, the costs are yours to bear. The reason we chose this is because we don't want to encourage people to buy and return our products without being confident. This leads to more returns, which means that more products have to be transported more often. In this way we limit CO2 emissions and thus contribute to a better environment.

When will I receive my money back?

We will transfer the money within 14 days of receiving the returned product.

If the product is damaged or has clearly been used more than just for trial purposes, we can recover the reduced value from you . Handle The Comfort Gift with care and pack it properly before returning it.

How long do I have a warranty on my The Comfort Gift?

Your The Comfort Gift has a warranty for 2 years from the moment of purchase. This includes the technology of The Comfort Gift and the charger. NB! This does not include the fabric of the outer cover of The Comfort Gift. This has a warranty period of 1 year. We do not provide a guarantee on the free power bank.