Jouw persoonlijke warmte. The Comfort Gift® warmtekussens brengen het comfort en luxe gevoel bij je thuis voor een betaalbare prijs.

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Ontdek de beste investering voor de koude dagen

Speciaal ontworpen om de koude dagen te transformeren in knusse en comfortabele momenten. The Comfort Gift warmtekussen biedt de warmte die je nodig hebt, mét een vleugje elegantie. Ervaar comfort en luxe altijd en overal met onze onweerstaanbaar zachte en comfortabele warmtekussens. Een must-have voor levensgenieters die houden van luxe en gemak.

Affordable luxury

Personalized luxury and comfort can be affordable. The Comfort Gift® heating pads are budget-friendly, and could even help you reduce your energy bills by bringing heat directly to you.

Durable and stylish

Our heating pads are made of high-quality materials; from our stylish covers to our sustainable interior and electronics. This is where sustainability, style and comfort meet!

Personalized Comfort

Enjoy your own luxury feel with our three adjustable heating profiles. This allows you to adapt our product to your specific temperature needs. For your convenience, we also have an automatic off-switch.

11 hours of personalized warmth.

With each of our heating pads, you can receive a 20.000mAh powerbank for free. With this rechargeable lithium battery we can deliver over 11 hours of personalized warmth. Charging the battery is fast and simple, using the included USB cable and adapter. This allows you to take the pillow with you, wherever you want to go.

Three heating profiles

Everyone has their own preferences. That is why we added three heating profiles to our products. Using our smart temperature control settings you can easily adjust the heating profile to low, medium or high. This way you can always adapt The Comfort Gift® to your specific needs.

Rugged and comfortable materials

We know that you would like to use our products throughout the day. That is why we have chosen not only soft, but also strong strong synthetic fabrics for our pillows. This way we can ensure our luxury feel does not wear or wrinkle as much, allowing you to keep enjoying it.

Our customer reviews

Gift for my wife. Now we're almost fighting over it and I want to buy a second pillow. Will there be any new fabrics?


Good product and worth the money.


Safe and responsible online shopping

Delivery within 1-3 business days

If you can't wait to start using The Comfort Gift®, don't worry: after you ordered favorite items from our online store, they will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are always hard at work to ensure our products and deliveries are of our highest standards. If despite our best efforts there are still some issues, we have a warranty period of 2 years. Within this time we will repair or replace your product without any added cost. Beneficial for you as well as for the environment! Make sure you save your receipt and contact us as soon as possible. Warning: this does not apply to the free powerbank.

14 day trial period

If you decide for any reason that our product does not fit, you can always return it to us within your 14-day trial period. After we have received your return package and if it passes our internal inspection, we will give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick start: The Comfort Gift®

To connect your pillow, watch the video on our You Tube channel. click here.
Or follow these steps:
1. Open the box, remove the packaging material, check that you have all the parts and that the cables and power bank are not damaged.
2. Place the inner cushion in the inner cover.
3. Connect the power bank to the power bank cable.
4. Place the power bank in the power bank bag made for this purpose.
5. Place the inner cushion with the inner cover in the outer cover, making sure the label is in the right place.
6. Connect the USB-C charger to The Comfort Gift product label, connect the USB-A cable to the charger and plug it into the wall socket.

How do I charge my The Comfort Gift®?

1. Connect the USB-C charging cable to the back of the The Comfort Gift® Smartlabel.
2. Then connect the USB-A charging cable to the charger.
3. Then plug the charger into the socket.
When the power bank is charging, you will see the indicator light on The Comfort Gift® product label flashing. Once the indicator light on The Comfort Gift® product label stops flashing and lights up constantly, the power bank is fully charged. You can simply use The Comfort Gift® while charging; loading will take a little longer.

How long can I use The Comfort Gift® without charging?

Below you will see a table in which we have indicated how long The Comfort Gift® should approximately work at which each temperature profile.

High (Red), ±40 - 44°C, 21 hours*
Middle (Yellow), ±35 - 40°C, 15 hours*
Low (Green), ±30 - 35°C, 11 hours*

* The actual temperature may differ depending on the ambient temperature.

How do I clean The Comfort Gift®?

To clean your The Comfort Gift®, remove the cover from the pillow. You can wash the cover as described on the washing label. These instructions may differ depending on which cover your The Comfort Gift® has.
What we generally recommend is to wash the cover at a low temperature and not to tumble dry or iron it. For more specific washing instructions, see the manual.
You should never clean the inner cushion and other electrical parts with water.

What to do if my The Comfort Gift® does not work?

1. You can easily start The Comfort Gift® by following the following steps:
· Disconnect the power bank
· Connect the charger to the label, the charging light should now come on.
· Now reconnect the power bank without disconnecting the charger

2. The Comfort Gift® is not charging, what should I do?
If you do not charge The Comfort Gift or do not charge it properly, we recommend performing a 'hard reset'.
· Disconnect the power bank
· Connect the charger to the label, the charging light should now come on.
· Now reconnect the power bank without disconnecting the charger
Doesn't this solve the problem? Please contact us.